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Disability and the Tudors

All The King's Fools examines the lives of the disabled through the eyes of superstition, family life, care and support, religious beliefs, and the Tudor Court. Phillipa debates some interesting historical arguments about the obstetric history of Tudor queens, whose inability to bear healthy sons showed that Henry VIII was unable to secure the house of Tudor dynasty.

Henry VIII's health is examined in detail towards the end of his life, how he became disabled through his obesity, lack of exercise, and the festering ulcers that continually broke out on his thigh. Disability and the Tudors details what life may have been like for the natural fools of Henry's court as well as the lives of prominent people within the nobility and royal families of England who were known to suffer from physical and mental disabilities. 

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Disability and the Victorians: Christian Charity and Chastisement

Phillipa is working on her second book in the disability series, Disability and the Victorians, to be published by Pen and Sword books. Overall, this publication assesses how the Victorians and their treatment of the disabled, shocked people, through the entertainment of freak shows, innovations in medical practices, and the treatment by Sir Frederick Treves, of likes of Joseph Carey Merrick, or the elephant man as he was known, at the London hospital. Phillipa researches how the Victorians were compassionate and cruel in their treatment of the disabled, all in the name of charity, chastisement and Christian values.

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