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“Don't you see? I hate standing out from the crowd. It makes me feel uncomfortable." Jess was seething. "I just think people shouldn't judge you without knowing the facts." "That's life. You'll never change people's attitudes, Jess." "Wanna bet?"

17-year-old Orianna Stewart is a promising sixth-form student at Wimborne Upper School, hoping to study fashion and art at university. All she's ever wanted is to be accepted for who she is and not judged on her outward appearance, but her disability, cerebral palsy, is attracting the wrong kind of attention - That is until she meets Ashley. Gorgeous, blue-eyed, and definitely out of her league, Orianna's world gets turned upside down. But after a terrifying experience at a house party, life doesn't seem worth living at all and she can only pray for a miracle to help get her out of the mess she's found herself in.

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